Every child’s birthday is an important milestone for any parent, but it’s also a time when many of us are too busy to make all the treats our kids would like for their special day. One of the very exciting days for the child is their birthday. And one of the favorite things that they want to have during their birthday is a cake. Many of the children that have a birthday want their cake to be special like they want it to have a design of Disney Princess or another cartoon favorite.

The way kids show their excitement at their birthday can be overwhelming at times. But don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. Instead, you can focus on the “E” in EASY birthday cakes that will brighten your child’s birthday celebration. Here are the easy cakes that you could make for your child’s birthday. 

Simple Ladybug Cake

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a ladybug! This cute ladybug cake takes just three ingredients and is perfect for a baby, toddler, or preschooler’s birthday party. It is super simple to make, and you can add different decorations to match your party theme.

Batman Cake

Batman is one of the best-known superheroes, and his popularity has even spread to the style he wears, which is called the “Batman suit.” Kids love dressing up as Batman, and if you want to make them happy, you should make their birthday party theme be Batman! You can use this recipe to make Batman cakes for the kids. You can print a Batman picture and decoration, or if you have a small Batman toy, you can use it for the top. 

Peppa Pig M&M Cake

Peppa Pig M&M Cake was featured in a recent episode of Peppa Pig, in which the blueberry-loving little piglet is shocked to learn that her favorite candies are not healthy. In the episode, Peppa Pig M&M Cake is made from a recipe from a cooking magazine. This cake is one of the easiest children’s birthday cakes that you can make. It is a great recipe for a child’s birthday party. And the birthday kids will love to have it because they love Peppa Pig. 

Monster Truck Cake

Monster Truck Cake is for the kids who love to watch their favorite monster truck. The idea is that the cake is already shaped like a monster truck, so you just need to frost the cake, decorate the truck and add your monster truck to it. 

Frozen Birthday Cake

A frozen birthday cake is a lot easier to make than a fresh one, and it can be customized to your child’s taste, just like a personal cake. Frozen birthday cakes are great for kids with food allergies or special diets, and they’re a great way for older children to include their friends in their birthday party. No one expects a frozen cake to be just as good as a real one, but if your cake freezes well, you can have a real treat on your birthday or any other day!

Lion Cake

The cake features a lion-shaped cake design that resembles a lion’s head. The cake can be shaped like an animal for a very special occasion, or it can be decorated to look like a scene from a storybook. The cake consists of a three-layer cake, consisting of a base layer of cake, a layer of cream, and then a layer of jam. The cake can be made either in a king-cake style, with the lion-shaped cake covered in icing, or in a more traditional manner, with the lion-shaped cake covered in fondant icing.

If you’ve ever given a cake to a child, you know how hard it is to understand why they are so excited to get a slice of cake for their birthday. You can even ask them “why?” in a way that makes them feel like they are in trouble, which in turn makes them feel even more excited. I think it has something to do with the fact that sweets are the most popular birthday cake present in the world, and the last few decades have seen the emergence of a wide variety of delicious cakes that are great for kids.

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